WALT: What do Weberians, feminists, postmodernists and Marxists say about inequality and which view is most convincing? 

WILFs: Can describe and explain Weberian, feminist, post modernist and Marxist view of inequality and stratification (C)

Can compare and contrast different theories, explaining key terms and giving examples (B)

Can evaluate which theory gives the best explanation of stratification today (A)

Lesson Development 

1. Starter: Pair up and Roaming Review these Questions
a)What is the Functionalist view of social inequality and stratification? Give examples of theorists
b)How do Marxists define social class and view social inequality and stratification. What are the strengths and weaknesses of marxist views?
c)What is the Weberian view of inequality and stratification?
d)What are the advantages and disadvantages of using occupation to operationalise social class?
e)What is the New Right? Give some examples of New Right 'thinkers' , describe what they say and eva;uate their views
f)What best explains the social inequality today? Support your answer with evidence and theory
2. Study the PPT together and take notes on the main points
3. Open the worksheet and read and highlight the key points

4. Mix Pair Share the Key Questions on the worksheet
5, In a team of 4 use the 4Bs to find definitions for the key terms and create Quiz Quiz Trade cards for the group
6. Shuffle all cards and play QUIZ QUIZ Trade
7. With a new partner Promenade an answer to today's WALT
8. Stand and Share
9. With your Study Buddy complete the Rally Coach on page 8 of the worksheet
10. In groups of 4 AllWrite Consensus the past paper questions
11. Complete the summary interactive diagram - Rally coach with your Study Buddy
12. Plenary: Key Word Space Invaders

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