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Apologies to all my students for my unavoidable absence at the moment. Normal service will soon be restored but in the meantime please try your very best to keep up with the set work as this will make catching up on lost teaching time much easier on my return.If you urgently need to contact me please use the college e mail system.


Cover work will appear here


Friday 22

Year 13 history
Go to topic 2 Louis Philippe 
Review intro ppt and detailed ppt and take notes
Complete bourbons essay and hand in
Then reading from Pilbeam

Year 10 History
Lesson 3 ... Revision for assessment on medieval medicine
Lesson 4 assessment test. The tests are on my computer in my office. Answer on lined paper

Year 13 Sociology
Complete the feminism/pluralism essays and hand in
Then go to lesson on the new right and the state and follow lesson instructions

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