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About the Education Forum.

The Education Forum designed and written by History and Sociology teacher Andy Walker offers free to use teaching and learning resources for History, Sociology, Health and Social Care, Citizenship, PE and ICT.

The Education Forum was established in 1997 as one of the first entirely teacher built educational web sites offering free learning resources to teachers and students. In May 2015 the software platform on which the original site was built suffered a catastrophic systematic failure without warning from the then hosts. The entire site is subsequently being redesigned using new software and with new hosts. Thank you for your patience whilst the time consuming process proceeds. In the interim the old site has been restored and is still available form the links on this page.


Especially popular are the A Level Sociology and History pages and the well established GCSE History pages all of which offer a full range of lesson materials, revison ideas and games and quizzes.

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