WALT: How and why did the Liberal Reforms 1906-14 improve public health?

 WILFs: Can describe and explain the reasons why there was a need and pressure for public health reform (C).... Can describe and explain the liberal reforms themselves (C)... Can evaluate how significant the liberal welfare reforms were in the history of public health in Britain (A)

Lesson Development

Starter: Pair Up and Roaming review the questions around the room

  1. Describe how and why public health either progressed, regressed or stayed the same in all the historical periods from Prehistoric to industrial Times
  2. How and why was Roman public health so good?
  3. Give examples of when government has hindered public health progress
  4. Give examples of when government has helped public health regress
  5. How and why was medieval public health so bad in medieval Europe (the Christian bit)
  6. Which factor has been more important in the progress/regress of public health through time technology or religion? Explain with examples
  7. What particular public health problems were experienced in Britain around 1750-1800?
  8. Describe the role of as many individuals you can remember form the story of public health
  9. Which FACTOR has been most important in causing public health improvements government, Individuals or technology? Explain giving as many examples as you can
  10. Who made the more significant contribution to improving public health Chadwick, Snow or Vitruvius? Explain and justify your answer


2. Now watch the clip on the Liberal Reforms - take notes on the following questions:


Question 1: What was Britain like in 1900?

Question 2: Why did the Liberal Party introduce the Liberal Reforms?

Question 3: What were the Liberal reforms?

Question 4: What was the impact and limitations of the Liberal reforms


3. Mini Plenary Pair share
a) why was Public healh still bad at the end of the 19th century?
b) what motivated the liberal reforms of 1906-14
c) In what ways were the liberal reforms difrent from earlier public health reforms?


4. Now log on and take notes on this PPT and then complete this interactive exercise


5. Plenary: Find the Fiction on the liberal Reforms

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