WALT: What has post modernism contributed to our understanding of Society?

WILFs: Can define key terms and concepts (D)... can compare and contrast modernism and post modernism (C)... can identify and assess post modernist contributions to our understanding of Families, Education and other areas of sociology (B).... Can evaluate postmodernism in comparison to other theory (A)

Lesson Development

Starter: 1. Connect the learning - Review last lessons notes then Positivism Quiz Quiz Trade


2. Pair Share: a) What is positivism and how is it different from interactionism?

b) Why would positivists and feminists use different research methods and which methods would they choose and why?


1. Study the Postmodernism PPT and take notes

2. Now as a class try the Bin Game on the IWB

3. Now study the Postmodernist methods PPT


4. Now using this site and your books

One row write QQ Trade cards on Postmodernism and the family

The other row write QQ Trade cards on postmodernism and class, then play


5. Plenary: Paraphrase Passport today's WALT

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