WALT: How did life change for women in Nazi Germany?

WILFs: Can describe Nazi attitides towards women and their role in society (C)..... Can explain how Nazi laws and policies affected the lives of women in Nazi Germany (B).... Can evaluate in a balanced way what life was like for women in nazi germany (A)

Introdictory Text:
The Nazis were very patriarchical and anti-feminist.Nazi ideology idealised the role of women as child-bearer and creator of the family: The role of women as child bearers was of central importance in the Nazi aims for the purification of the Aryan race.
Nazi Policies
1.The Law for the Encouragement of Marriage gave newly-wed couples a loan of 1000 marks, and allowed them to keep 250 marks for each child they had.
2. Mothers who had more than 8 children were given a gold medal.

But not all women were happy with the Nazi regime:
1. Job-discrimination against women was encouraged.Women doctors, teachers and civil servants were forced to give up their careers.
2. Women were never allowed to serve in the armed forces - even during the war.

Lesson  Development
1. Starter - Study the Starter sheet and answer the question at the bottom of the page
2. Stand and Share
3. Watch Clip 1  (top)and take notes on Nazi policy towards women
4. Mini plenary - promenade - how did life change for women in Nazi germany?
5. Pair Up then Rally Coach the Fill in the blanks exercise and paste your completed work into a Word documents. print 2 copies - one each for your notes
6. With the same pair open the  Worksheet and work through the questions and tasks putting your answers in your Word document and save it - no hogs no logs (make sure you both contribute)!
7. Open the PowerPoint to edit. Save a copy in your area. Read through the Powerpoint and edit it where you are instructed to. Save it as a revision resource.

Now Read and take notes from PPT 2 and watch the Clip 2 (bottom)
9. Finally - test your knowledge with the Interactive Quiz
10. Plenary: Pair Share
a) What was the Nazi view of the role of women in society?
b) How did life change for women in nazi Germany?
c)Would you have liked to have been a woman in Nazi Germany?

d) How successful were Nazi policies towards women?
Find the Fiction - women in Nazi Germany. Jot down 2 truths and one convincing lie about women in Nazi Germany. Go round the room challenging your colleagues to 'Find the Fiction'

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