WALT: Who made the greatest contribution to medical progress during the Renaissance?

WILFs: Can use FACTORS to explain why medicine progressed during the Renaissance (C).... Can compare and contrast the contributions of Vesalius, Harvey and Pare (B)...... Can evaluate who made the most significant contribution to medical progress in a supported judgement (A)


Starters: Connect the learning: Quiz Quiz Trade on Renaissance medicine - questions from Mr Walker

Pair Share Questions

a) Which Factors Combined to create progress in the Renaissance?

b) What can you remember about the contributions of Harvey, Pare and Vesalius


Activity One: With your Study Buddy you are now going to research depth knowledge on the 3 Renaissance men

Partner One - is going to research using the film clips embedded below

Partner Two - is going to research using the links at the bottom of the page

Record your research on the Word Document given to you


Time Allowed on Activity One 15 mins


Mini Plenary: Vision On : Draw a picture showing who you think made the most important contribution - no words no numbers allowed. When time is called find 3 different people to interpret your diagram


Activity 2: Indvidual Work - download this Detailed PPT , complete the questions and tasks in the PPT and take detailed notes on the 3 Renaissance men.


Time allowed on activity Two 15 mins


Plenary: Pair up with a new partner you haven't worked with today. Promenade and discuss today' WALT


Activity 3: Written Task: Answer today's WALT in depth. There is a writing frame linked below to help you if you need it

Writing Frame
A Discussion Frame.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.6 KB]

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