WALT: What problems did the Weimar government face 1919-23?

WILFs: Can identify some problems (D)...... Can describe and explain the problems face by the Weimar government (C)..... Can evaluate whether Weimar was doomed from the start (A

Lesson Development
1. Watch the film and make a list of problems the Weimar Government had to face from 1919
2. Pair Up link arms and promenade your shoulder partner to discuss your lists then Stand and Share
3. Your teacher will then hand out 30 Quiz Quiz Trade  key words cards. On one side is a key word and on the other a definition. Go around the room  testing each other and swapping cards - remember to 'coach' don't tell!
4. When Quiz quiz trade is complete return to your computer - complete 'Cloze 1 and Cloze 2' with your partner and save a copy each 
5. Now use the Quiz Quiz Trade cards - circulate around the room ... when a number is called form a group of that many students and construct a sentence or paragraph using each key word accurately.


Plenary: Your teacher has placed 8 pieces of poster paper around the room with one of these questions on each piece. In groups of 3 visiti each location and brainstorm your ideas underneath the question. Your teacher will call time when its time to move on
i) What was the impact of the defeat in the war on Germany?

ii) How fairly was Germany treated in the Versailles Treaty?
iii) Why was the Weimar government so unpopular?
iv) What were the main features of the Weimar constitution?
v) What was the Spartacist revolt and why was it important?
vI) What was the Kapp putsch revolt and why was it important?
vii) What was the Munich putsch and why was it important?
viii) Was the Weimar government doomed from the start? Explain your answer

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