WALT: What was the significance of the  Munich Putsch?

WILFs: Can describe and explain the causes and events of the Munich Putsch (C)..... Can assess the significance of the Munich Putsch for Hitler and the Nazis (A)


The Munich Putsch or Beer Hall Putsch 1923 
This was a short-lived rebellion started by Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler, which began in Munich on November 8, 1923. Hitler planned to make the veteran general Erich Ludendorff a dictator. He kidnapped the leader of the Bavarian government, declared a revolution, and the next day marched on Munich. Police crushed the rebellion, shot 16 of the 3,000 Nazi party demonstrators dead, and arrested Hitler, who served nine months in prison. Hitler used his time in Landsberg prison to write 'Mein Kampf' (My Struggle). This set out Hitler's beliefs for the future of Germany and many people read it and were fooled by its false promises. 
The consequences of the Munich Putsch were probably of more significance than the uprising itself. At his trial, Hitler was allowed to make long speeches explaining his reasons. This transformed him from being a little known politician into a champion of the right wing. His imprisonment, for just 9 months, allowed him time to reappraise his methodology and provided an opportunity for him to write Mein Kampf. These combined to make Hitler an obvious leader of the Right Wing opponents of the Weimar Republic.

Lesson Development


1. Watch the Video clip - What happened in the Munich Putsch and why was it important?

2. Promenade your partner (take her arm and walk her around the classroom) and share your ideas

3. Stand and Share

4. Study the PPT and add to your answer

5. With your shoulder partner Rally Coach the worksheet together

6. Plenary - form 2 circles and paraphrase passport all that you know about the Munich Putsch and its consequences.  In a parphrase passport each person has to add an answer to the question but first has to remember all the points that went before.)

Homework Essay - use all the resources on this page and your textbooks for research

  1. Explain the causes of the Munich Putsch (why it happened)
  2. Describe the events of the Munich Putsch (what happened)
  3. Evaluate the significance of the Munich Putsch (whether it was important or not)

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