WALT: What motivated the ERA 1988 and how significant was it?

WILFs: Can describe the 7 key features (C).... Can explain the motivations behind the ERA (B) ..... Can evaluate the significance of the ERA (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter: Connect the learning - watch the documentary on the 1944 Education Reform Act- what was the motivation, features and consequences of the Butler Act?

2. Pair Share

a) What motivated the Butler Act?

b) Arguments in favour of the Tripartite system

c) Arguments against the Tripartite system

d) What replaced the Tripartite system and how successful was it?


2. Study the ERA 1988 PPT together and take notes


3. Library Reading: Read at least 3 of the following and take notes to cover today's WILFs


Sociology Alive - Moore pages 251-253

Sociology for AS Kidd at al pages 22-223

Haramblos page 617

AS Revision Notes pages 21 -23

Sociology in Focus Haralambos pages 135-136

Action Sociology Griffiths page 384

Sociology a New Approach page 172

Sociology in Focus pages 284-7


4. Log on Complete the Cloze then try the Quiz


Plenary: Find the Fiction


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