WALT: Who was John Snow and how important was his contribution to improved public health?

WILFs: Can describe and explain in detail the contribution to public health of John Snow (C).... can compare and contrast the contribution of John Snow to other individuals and other factors (B)... Can assess the importance of John Snow in a supported judgement (A)

Starter: Simultaneous Round Table the following questions.


a) Why was public health so bad in the early 19th century?
b) What was changed by the first public health act and what was its weaknesses
c) How important was Edwin Chadwick to improvements in public health?
d) What factors were important in improving public health in the later 19th century
e) List  and learn the public health measures that came after the first public health act
f) Explain why the government first believed in laissez faire and then gave up believing in it
g) Why did the industrial revolution make public health problems worse


1. Now watch the clip on John Snow and make notes on today's WALT Q

2. Stand and Share

4. With your Shoulder partner  log on complete the John Snow worksheet
5. Plenary: Promenade your face partner - who was most important Chadwick or Snow? Explain your answer

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