WALT: What does feminism contribute to our understanding of inequality, education and methods?

Microsoft Word document [35.0 KB]

WILFS: Can identify empirical evidence of gender inequalities (C).... Can describe, explain and compare sociological theories of gender inequality and feminist methodologies (B) Can evaluate in a supported judgement the contribution of feminism to our understanding (A)


Lesson Development


Starters - Connect the learning

a) Vision On: Choose either Marxism, Functionalism or Interactionism and draw a picture to show their key ideas and their contribution to our understanding of education and society - no words allowed! Then share and interpret your diagrams with 3 different people from 3 different tables - COACH don't TELL


b) Now Complete Find Someone Who


c)  Mini Plenary: Stand and Share


1. Pair Up in differentiated pairs. If you name is called out first use the handout, if your name is called out second use your textbooks and or the ipads

Come to a consensus on your top 10 pieces of evidence of gender inequality in modern society - choose the memorable and marked examples


2. Mini Plenary - Stand and Share


3. Study the PPT together on theoretical explanations of gender inequality - restrict yourself in your notes to 10 key points


4.  Mini Plenary: Quiz Quiz trade


5. Pair Share:

a) Describe the 3 main types of feminsim in detail

b) Which type do you find most convincing and which least? Explain why


6. Study the PPT on feminist Methods and take notes


7. individual Study: Complete the worksheet on feminist methods


7. Plenary: form 3 circles of no more than 7 people - Paraphrase passport today's WALT Question


Extension and Private Study: With a new partner Rally Coach this worksheet on Mead. Come back for group discussion

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