WALT : What is the difference between Power and Authority?

WILFs: Can define Power and Authority and describe the power processes (D)....... Can apply these new concepts to everyday life examples and discuss them (B).

Lesson Development:


Note- you must have Flash enabled to complete the activities in this lesson

 Starter - watch the clip and take notes

1. Take notes from the PPT and discussion
2. With a new partner read pages 208-9 in your new books then complete the Max Weber exercise, the Worksheet (below) and the Summary Diagram - print where appropriate. Then try the Quiz

3. Plenary: Round Table or Roaming Review

a) What is the difference between power and authority and give examples?
b) What are the 'power processes' list and define them?
c) How does Max Weber define authority?
d) Give examples of charismatic authority from history and politics
e) Give examples of traditional authority from history and politics
f) Give examples of legal -rational authority from history and politics
g) Does Donald Trump have power or authority? Explain your answer

weber and authority.pdf
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