WALT: What were the differences between the Whigs and the Tories?

Whig and Tories
Microsoft Power Point presentation [69.8 KB]

WILFS: Can describe and explain the key ideas and beliefs of the Whigs and the Tories at the end of the 18th century (D)... can compare and contrast similarities and differences (C-B).... can assess how both groups might have responded to a number of key issues and events (A)


Starter: Stand Up Hand Up pair Up and discuss what you already know about the Whigs and the Tories

1. Stand and Share

2. Review the PPT taking detailed notes

3. Quiz Quiz Trade - questions from Mr Walker


4. In 2 groups of 6 randomly selected you are now going to do something rather anachronistic! Imagine the technology of the 21st century was available to the poltical parties of the 18th century and that they needed to appeal to the population for their support and votes.


Plan, research and film a Party political broadcast for your political party.

Use the ipads for filming.

Make sure you try to include:


a) Your views on the monarchy

b) Your view on parliament and parliamentary reform

c) An address or speech or interview from your leader

d) Your views on religion

e) Your attitude to the industrial revolution and the changes occurring in society


If you are not sure what a party political braodcast looks like there is a modern example below


Plenary: Competitive game with the Quiz Quiz trade cards - groups of 4 to win cards

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