WALT: What  is the contribution of Marxist theory to our understanding of education today?

WILFs: Can identify, define (E) and deploy (D) key terms and concepts in Marxist theory.... Can describe and explain the Marxist critique of modern education system (C) ... Can compare and contrast Marxism to competing theories of education (C-B)... Can evaluate Marxist theory theoretically and in relation to appropriately deployed empirical evidence (A)


 Lesson Development

1. Starter: Rally Robin a list with a partner - what do you know already about Marxism and education?

Use the Subheadings:

Marxist ideas

Marxist theory of education






Mini Plenary: Stand and Share

2. Now watch the video and add to your lists. While you are watching try to think of 2 questions you would like to ask.

Questions selected using random name generator

3. With your shoulder partner complete the worksheet and the reading

4. Together Study the PPT and take notes

5. Mini Plenary: QQ Trade - questions from Mr Walker

6. Individual Work: Choose one of the following theorists and research them in depth.

What contribution do they make to our understanding of the role of education in society?

1. Althusser

2. Bowles and Gintis

3. Paul Willis

4. Pierre Bordieu

Share your research with someone who researched someone else



Pair Share and discuss - change partner after each question

a) Why are Marxists against capitalism?

b) How do Marxists explain the role of education in the capitalist system

c) Give 3 or more criticisms of Marxism

d) Discuss the contribution of 2 or more Marxist sociological studies to our understanding of education


Homework - Study the 2nd clip which has been produced by a Marxist politcal party - what are the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments? Be prepared to discuss next week


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