WALT: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using life documents in sociological research?

WILFS: Can define and describe life documents giving examples (D)... Can describe and explain advantages and disadvantages generically (C)... Can evaluate the WALT giving strengths and weaknesses in specific research contexts and using real exampoles as support (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter: Connect the learning with Find Someone Who

2. Study the Life documents PPT with your teacher and take some notes

3. Mini Plenary: Play 3 Facts One Fiction about life documents - write your answers down and rotate the room trying to catch out your colleagues

4. Individual Study - using the links and your books take notes on:


a) The strengths and weaknesses of using life documents in sociological research

b) Some real examples of studies which used life documents for research


Plenary: Paraphrase Passport today's WALT

Starter: Find Someone Who
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