WALT: What best explains why Britain experienced an Industrial Revolution between 1750-1850?

WILFS: Can define Industrial Revolution and associated key terms (D).... Can list and describe possible causes (C).... Can evaluate causes (A)


Lesson Development


Starter: Promenade your shoulder partner and discuss what you know already about the Industrial revolution


2. Stand and Share


3. Study the PPT together as far as Causes


4. Use your notes and the handout to Rally Coach a Diamond 9 diagram on the Causes of the Industrial Revolution


5. Return to the PPT


6. Pair share the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic and factory systems as instructed on the PPT


7. Research your allocated Individual and prepare a fact file to share with the rest of the class


8. Plenary: Answer today's WALT on a post it in a supported statement. stick your post it on the whiteboard and compare to the views of others - which is most convincing


Industrial Revolution
Microsoft Power Point presentation [72.4 KB]

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