WALT: How do sociologists explain the impact of Social Class on educational performance?

WILFS: Can identify evidence of underachievement by social class (D)..... Can describe 3 or more theories of underachievement in some detail (B)... Can evaluate theories of underachievement by social class in a supported judgement

Starter: Using page 1 of the Info sheet and what you know - cover the table with post its which answer the Walt Q

Then sort them into an agreed pyramid of importance


Lesson Development


1. Study the Revision PPT together and take notes

2. Now log on with your study buddy and read through and complete the revision questions on the detailed PPT

3. Complete the Rally Coach

4. Mini Plenary Quiz Quiz Trade

5. Log back on and create a personalised revision diagram and print

6. Plenary: Walk the Plank

7. Complete a personalised Diamond 9 using this morning's Post it exercise and what you have learnt today




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