Starter: Find Someone Who
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WALT: What ethical issues arise in the research process?

WILFS: Can identify ethical issues and describe some contexts in which they might arise (C).... Can analyse the impact of ethical issues on a variety of research scenarios (A)


Lesson Development


Starter: Find Someone Who



1. Study the Ethical Issues PPT and take notes


2. Mini Plenary: Pair Share

a) Describe and explain the key ethical issues in sociological research

b) Explain 3 research scenarios in which ethical dilemmas might arise

c) Explain 2 actual pieces of sociological research where informed consent was not sought and explain why


3. Complete the Cloze activity


4. With a Study Buddy Create a Revision Diagram


Extension - Read the BSA Guidelines on ethics in research


5. Plenary: Paraphrase Passport today's WALT

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