WALT: Why was 1923 a year of crisis?

WILFs: Can identify some problems (D)...... Can describe and explain the problems face by the Weimar government (C)..... Can assess the significance of the 1923 crisis (A)

Lesson Development
Starter :
Your teacher has placed poster paper with one of the listed questions on the top of each one around the room. Roaming Review and connect the learning - in teams of 3 rotate round the room and answer these questions as you find them. Take it in turns to be the scribe
1) What were the consequences of the First World War and the Versailles Treaty for Germany?
2) Why was the Weimar Constitution unwanted, unsuitable and ineffective?
3) What were the Spartacist Revolt and the Kapp Putsch and what was their significance for the Weimar government?
4) Why did the French invade the Ruhr in 1923 and what were the consequences of this?
5) What was hyperinflation and what caused it?
6) What were the consequences of hyperinflation?
7) What happened during the Munich Putsch and what caused it?
8) Why did so many Germans dislike the Weimar government 1919-23?
Now sit down in your threes - three people to a table

Your next task is to work in groups of three to create a RADIO or TV BROADCAST

about the crisis in 1923.

One of you will need to write a script about the RUHR CRISIS

One of you will need to write a script about HYPERINFLATION

One of you will need to write a script about the MUNICH PUTSCH

All of you need to write the conclusion explaining how the events

were linked

Use this GUIDE to help you and record your broadcasts on the Ipads

You have 45 minutes to produce a broadcast to share on the Apple TVs with the rest of the class

Use your notes, the links and the textbooks for research

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