WALT: What are the advantages and disadvantages of secondary research in sociology?

Secondary Data PPT
Microsoft Power Point presentation [454.5 KB]

WILFS: can describe and explain the types of secondary research method (C).... can compare and contrast advantages and disadvantages (B)... can link methodological choice to line of enquiry and theoretical perspective and make judgements (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter - read the information sheet and take notes on today's WALT - after 5 mins quiet study share your observations with 2 different people


2. Watch the clip and take notes then share your notes with your shoulder partner


3. Go through the PPT with your teacher


4. Mini Plenary: Pair Share


a) What are the advanatges and disadvantages of secondary research in sociology?

b) What different kinds of secondary data would be favoured by positivists and interactionists? Explain why for both


5. Complete the interactivities identified by the buttons at the bottom of the page


6. Plenary: Paraphrase Passport today's WALT





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