Active Learning/Kagan TLC

WALT: What is active learning and how can it help my teaching?

WILFs: Can identify some of the benefits of active learning...... Can take away 4 or more new ideas for active learning to apply to own teaching


1. Starter: Jot thoughts - answers to today's WALT and with examples of active learning or strategies/structures.

Aim to cover the table. Swap tables - develop, annotate and sort


2. What are the benefits of active learning/Kagan discussion based around 3 good reasons PPT


3. Example: Find Someone Who activity


4. Discussion of 6 Top Kagan structures


5. Plenary: Promenade a partner - which strategy raised today are you going to use and why


6. Stand and Share Plenary



Microsoft Power Point presentation [6.4 MB]

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Find Someone Who Activity
Microsoft Word document [35.0 KB]

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