WALT: What do interactionists contribute to our understanding of the sociology of education?

Microsoft Word document [31.5 KB]

WILFs: Can describe and explain the spectrum of interactionsist approaches to sociology (C).... Can compare and contract to structural theory (C)... can describe at least 2 key studies in education from an interactionist perspective (B) ... Can evaluate today's WALT Q (A)



Connect the learning: Pair Share

1. The similarities and differences between Marxism and functionalism

2. What do you understand by interactionism?


Lesson Development


1. Study the Theory PPT and take notes

2. Research the examples on the final slide of the PPT

2. Pair up and complete the Rally Coach

3. Study the PPT on interactionsist methods

4. Mini Plenary: Pair Share

a) What are the three types of interactionsim and briefly describe each one

b) What does interactionism contribute to our understanding of society - education, families, crime, mental health?

c) What methods are favoured by interactionsists and why?


5. Complete the Quiz exercise on interactionsism and education and then the exercise on pupil subcultures

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