WALT/TITLE: Peel did more to damage than to build the Tory Party in the years between 1829 and 1846’. Assess this view

WILF: Construct a balanced argument either in favour or against the statement supported by appropriate AO1 and argument/discussion (A)

Key A01 Ingredients


Spend one week researching and one week writing


Contextual knowledge of Peel as a Liberal Tory 1822-27

Peel's role during Catholic Emancipation

Peel and the the 1832 Reform Act and the Tamworth Manifesto

Peel's first Ministry 1834-35

Peel and the Election of 1841

Peels' Domestic Policy 1841-46

Peel and the Corn Laws

Peel in Ireland


Step 1: Research each 'ingredient' using your notes and the links below


Step 2: Divide your notes into evidence supporting the statement and evidence conflicting with the statement


Step 3: Decide on the position you are going to adopt


Step 4: Read the interpretations of Peel - do they support or challenge your argument?


Step 4: Review the Essay writing PPT then construct your essay



Reading List - read and take notes from a minimum of 3


Conservative Party from Peel to Churchill Robert Blake - pages 10-30

Britain 1783-1918 Murphy, Staton et al pp 123-152

Own textbooks from AQA

An Illustrated History of Modern Britain, Hunt and Richards Chapter 11

Revolution, Radicalism and Reform, Brown Chapters 5 and 6

Britain in the 19th Century, Howard Martin Chapter 6

Britain 1783-1851, Evers and Welborne pp 160-182

AS/A Level revision Guide, Murphy Unit 2

The Age of Reform, Woodward pages 103-119


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