WALT: Why was there sudden progress in medicine during the Renaissance?

WILFS: Can describe factors during the Renaissance (D)... Can describe and explain how factors combined to create some progress and some continuity during the Renaissance (C-B)... Can evaluate which factors were important in creating significant medical progress during the Renaissance (A)

Lesson Development

1. Starter: Watch the film clip(s) and take notes that answer today's WALT

2. Stand and Share

3.Read or view the PPT together - how does it help you answer the WALT?

4. With your Studty Buddy complete the Cloze Activity and save in Word add a picture then print *2

5. Plenary: Pair up with a new partner and Pair Share the following questions

a) What was the Renaissance and why was there a lot of progress during it?

b) What important breakthroughs were made by individuals like Harvey, Vesalius and Pare?

Homework: Use your textbooks and the links to write a detailedFactfile on Harvey, Vesalius and Pare which identifies their contributions to medicine and the factors that combined to help them - be ready to share this on friday




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