WALT: Evaluate Marxist/Functionist explanations of the role of education (35)

WILFs: Can describe different sociological perspectives on the purpose of education (C)..... Can compare and contrast different perspectives quoting examples and supporting with evidence (B).... Can evaluate different perspectives on the purpose of education coming to a convincing conclusion (A)

1. Open the PowerPoint.  - write your notes and responses in your exercise books

2, Read and highlight the Revision packs.

3. Using your notes from both - Complete the Interactive diagram. DO NOT copy my words - Research using your textbooks and write in your own words. When finished print a copy for you both.

4. Complete the key words exercise and print

5. Play the Countdown game game until you are 100%


6. Now pair up and do some online Education revision using the Interactive Past Paper or create a Mind Map to answer today's Question
7. Plenary Quiz Quiz Trade
8. Extension: a) long Cloze of functionalism
b) Long cloze of Marxism then print
roleofeducationpptt (2).ppt
Microsoft Power Point presentation [254.5 KB]

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