WALT : How have pluralists interpreted the role of the state in modern society and how valid are their interpretations? 

WILFS: Can describe and explain the weathervane view, the neutral arbiter view and the broker state model giving examples of theorists (C)

Can evaluate the validity of pluralist ideas by comparing to other theories AND examining empirical evidence (A)

Lesson Development


Starter: Vision on - choose one theory of the state from last lesson's overview and draw a picture (no words or numbers allowed) to depict this theory. Do not let anyone see your picture until time is called, then find 3 different colleagues and tsake it in turns to interpret each others pictures


1. With your Study Buddy read and take notes from the PPT
2. Mix up - with a new partner Rally Coach the exercise and Print
3. Go back to your Study Buddy and help each other to create Mind Maps for 'Pluralist, Theories of the State'. use your textbooks, and the links to add examples and detailed explanation. Pass the parcel your mind maps, annotate and improve x 3
Plenary - Paraphrase passport - What do pluralists say about the role of the State and do you agree with them?


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