WALT: How significant was Robert Owen in 19th century British history? 

WILFs: Can briefly narrate the life story of Robert Owen (D).... can describe and explain some of Robert Owen's ideas (C)... Can compare and contrast Owen's ideas to the dominant ideas  of the day (B).... Can evaluate Owen's legacy (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter - Connect the learning - Pair up and Promenade - what was life like for the working classes in the industrial revolution


2. Introduce the idea that Owen offered, amongst other things, an alternative way of running a business then watch the clip - take notes on Owen's ideas and career


3. Study the PPT - take notes on IDEAS- CAREER- LEGACY


4. Mini Plenary: Pair share Q's


i) Summarise Owen's ideas

ii) Which do you agree with and which do you disagree with

iii) What is owen's legacy?


5. Paired Task - take detailed notes on IDEAS- CAREER- LEGACY of Owen using the links, the library and the internet


6. Pair Up and complete the Interactive Diagram on the Legacy of Robert Owen


7. Plenary: Form a circle and paraphrase passport today's WALT Q

Robert Owen
Microsoft Power Point presentation [73.2 KB]

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