WALT: How did the Nazis treat outsiders?

WILFs: Can identify who was excluded from the Nazi Peoples Community (D)..... Can explain why the Nazis excluded certain groups from the Peoples Community (C).... Can compare and contrast how excluded groups were treated by the Nazis (B-A)

Lesson Development:

Starter: Discuss with your shoulder partner what you understand by the term 'volksgemeinshaft' and make a list of key points - use your texts to help
1. Watch the clip on the persecution of the Jews - draw a timeline of the attacks on the jews
2. Share your timelines on your table and fill in any gaps - use the textbooks on your tables to help
3. Promenade what are the most important events in the timeline and why?
4. Stand and Share
5. Read the PPT - and take notes on which other groups were excluded from Volksgemeinshaft and why.

6. Plenary: In your table groups write as many Quiz Quiz Trade cards as you can in the time allowed on today's topic. When time is called hand them to your teacher who will shuffle them before the whole class plays Quiz Quiz Trade

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