WALT: What methods are favoured by positivists and why?

WILFs: Can define key terms (D)... Can describe and explain a variety of positivist methods (C), can compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses (B).., Can assess the usefulness of a positivistic approach to sociology (A)


Lesson Development


Starter: 1. Individually Complete the Methods matching sheet


In groups -Cover the table with the post its with your allocated Q


i) What are the core ideas and individuals of positivism?

ii) Describe methods  favoured by positivists

iii) What are the arguments for and against a positivistic approach to sociology?


Rotate 3 times to annotate and add


1. Study the PPT on Positivistic Mthods and complete the activities therein


2. Mini Plenary - Paraphrase passport the strengths and weaknesses of positivistic methods


3. Complete the online activities to supplement your notes


4. Plenary: Find the fiction on positivism and their  favoured methods

Microsoft Power Point presentation [68.4 KB]

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