WALT: Who were the 'Microbe Men' and what did they contribute?

WILFS: Can recall and explain the contributions of Jenner, Pasteur and Koch (C).... Can research and explain the contributions of Ehrlich, Domagk, Fleming, Florey and Chain (C).... Can assess you made the greatest contribution (A)


Lesson Development


Early arrivers - use your textbook to research the contributions of Ehrlich, Domagk, Fleming, Florey and Chain


Starter: Find Someone Who


1. Logon onto a computer or tablet and complete the Microbe Men exercises linked below. Use the advance buttons at the top to work through the exercises. After each one write the checked sentence in your book under today's WALT


Plenary: Promenade a partner - whose contributions was most important and why then STAND and SHARE

Find someone Who Starter
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