WALT: How significant was the Agrarian (agricultural) Revolution in the transformation of Britain?

WILFS: Can define and deploy key terms and concepts (D)... Can identfiy and describe the contributions of named individuals in the Agricultural Revolution (C) Can assess the consequences and significance of the Agricultural Revolution (A)


Lesson Development

1. Starter: With your study buddy, log on and study the Introductory PPT on the Agricultural Revolution - make a list of notes that answer today's WALT and consider and discuss the questions at the end of the PPT

Use the table below to organise your notes:











2. Stand and Share

3. Study the Advanced PPT together with your teacher

4. Mini Plenary Quiz Quiz Trade

5. With a new partner, complete the 3 Interactive diagrams

6. Plenary: Play historical hangman

7. In allocated groups of 3 prepare a PPT presentation to show the class AND a teaching activity on the significance of one of the following

i) Jehro Tull and the Seed drill

ii) Robert Bakewell and selective breeding

iii) Arthur Young and agricultural education

iv) Charles 'Turnip Townshend' and crop rotation

v) George and III/ Thomas Coke and model farming

Introductory PPT
Microsoft Power Point presentation [782.0 KB]
Advanced PPT notes
The Agrarian Revolution Notes.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [935.1 KB]

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