What was Chartism and why did it emerge in the 1830's?

WILFs: Can describe and explain the 6 points of the People's Charter (D)... can describe and explain the long term and short term causes of the rise of Chartism (B)..... Can evaluate the causes of the rise of Chartism (A)


Lesson Development

Starter: Connect the learning Pair Up and complete a Rally Coach Whigs worksheet


1. Now Watch the clip and take notes in answer to today' WALT Q

2. Stand and Share

3. Now study the PPT carefully with a partner and further develop your notes

4. Mini Plenary - Pair up with a new partner - promenade around the room until you can remember and explain the significance of all 6 points of the Peoples Charter

5. Individually complete this gap fill and print

6. With a third different partner first read the FAQ about Chartism then complete a Diamond 9 on causes of its rise

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