WALT: Why did Public Health in Medieval Times Regress?

WILFs: Can describe the impact of the break up of the Roman Empire (C)..... Can describe and explain the poor features of medieval public health (C)... Can use FACTORS to explain why medieval public health regressed (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter: Connect the learning with Find Someone Who sheet

2. Log onto a laptop and investigate the PPT on Medieval Public Health - takes notes on WHY and HOW it regressed

3. After 25 minutes share your notes with a friend from a different table - record anything you missed out

4. Now watch the clip - why was public bad in Medieval towns

5. Mini Plenary- Quiz Quiz Trade - questions from Mr Walker


7. Investigate the links and create your own revision PPT on Public Health in the Middle Ages. Use your textbooks and the links to research it in as much detail as possible








8. Plenary Quiz One


9.  Plenary 2 - Find the Fiction


Findsomeonepublic health.doc
Microsoft Word document [35.5 KB]
Medieval Public Health.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [70.1 KB]

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