WALT: What was the Black Death and how did it affect Medieval people and medicine?

WILFs: Can describe and explain the nature of the Black Death and how it spread (C)
Can describe and explain Medieval  ideas on causes and 'cures' of the Black Death (C)
Can assess the impact of the Black Death on attitudes to medicine and disease (A)


Lesson Development

1. Starter: Quiz Quiz Trade

2. Pair Up and download the PPT - take notes, answer, and all questions in your books, and complete on screen activities

3. Mini PlenaryStand Up Hand Up Pair Up and Mix Pair Share
a) What was the Black Death and How was it spread?
b) What did people in the Middle Ages think caused the Black Death and what 'cures' were tried?
c) What were the consequences of the Black Death for society and medicine?


4. Watch the 2nd half of the Black Death documentary and take notes on the impact of the Black Death on society and medicine


5. Play Hangman and Shootout to test what you have learnt


5. Plenary: Find the Fiction or Paraphrase Passport


Black Death PPT
black death.ppt
Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.4 MB]

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