WALT: How anachronistic was  the political system in 1783?

WILFS: Can describe some of the key features and problems in the political system in 1783 (D)... Can describe in detail the key features of the political system (C) ... Can assess the significance of problems and answer the WALT with support (A)


Lesson Development


Starter: Share a Fact - rotate the room, high five each class member in turn and share a fact you already know about politics in 1783 - try and make it a different fact for each person you greet


1. Watch the Blackadder clip which was set around this time - make a list of the problems in the political system as described -  then decide with your partner which you believe to be true and which you believe to be made up

2. Stand and Share your lists

3. Solo work - use Link 1 and Link 2 to take notes on the political system in 1783 - make particular note of the anachronisms and problems

4. Mini Plenary - quiz quiz trade cards from Mr Walker

5. Further research on the political system in 1783 using the reading lists provided

6. Plenary: Pair share these questions

a) List the anachronisms in the political system in 1783

b) What were in your opinion the 4 worst anachronisms - support your answer with reasons

The Black Adder Season 3 Ep. 01 (part 1/2) by xSilverPhinx
Find Someone Who
Microsoft Word document [38.5 KB]

Reading List

Revolution, Radicalism and Reform.... brown pages 8-11

Reforming britain Scott Baumann pages 52-59

Britain 1783-1851 Evans pages 35-43

Changing Britain 1815-51 pages 35-6



 Lesson 2

1. Starter: Quiz Quiz Trade followed by 'Toby' championship

2. Pair Up and coach and  complete the Interactive Diagram (link button above)

4. Find Someone Who

5. Use the reading to develop your answers individually and type up your Find Someone Who as a coherent and detailed set of notes

Lesson 3

1. Starter: QQ Trade x 3

2. Stand Up Hand up Pair up - take your partner to a computer and complete a Diamond 9 Diagram identifying 9 problems of the political system in 1783 print x 2 for your note books

3. Mini Plenary - Pair Share

a) What was wrong with the political system

b) How different was Britain in 1783 to Britain today


4. Solo work:Book review - you should now have in your notebook

a) A mind map diagram showing the changes Britain experiences 1783-1884

b) a detailed set of notes on the political system in 1783 based on the links and the reading

c) An interactive diagram print out

d) Deatiled answers to all the Find Someone Who questions

d) A Diamond 9 print out

Click here for larger version

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