WALT: Why do working class students fail in education?

WILFS: Can identify evidence of underachievement (D)..... Can describe 3 or more theories of underachievement in some detail (B)... Can evaluate theories of underachievement in a supported judgement


Lesson Development


Starter: Pick a partner - promenade them around the room recalling and discussing the factors which cause working class failure in schools

1. Stand and Share

2. Choose a new partner. Log on and study the PPT on Working Class underachievement. Rally Coach the question sheet working as a team

3. Mini Plenary: Find the Fiction on Factors affecting working class underachievement

4. With a third partner, complete the Interactive diagram using your notes and your textbooks as support

5. Plenary - Try the Interactive Quiz Plenary

Rally Coach Questions
Rally CoachWCachieve1.doc
Microsoft Word document [32.5 KB]

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