WALT: Why was the period 1919-23 a period of crisis for Weimar?

WILFs: Can use ILRIM to describe some of the problems faced by the Weimar government (C) Can evaluate what BEST explains why 1919-23 was a period of crisis (A)
Germany came out of WW1 with a new government called the Weimar Republic. It faced a lot of major problems and nearly went under on several occassions. It only just survived. The early period 1919-23 was especially difficult for the weimar Republic. We will be using the letters ILRIM to remember the problems they faced at this time.
  = Ineffective constitution 
L= Left wing rebellions 
R= Right wing rebellions 
I = Invasion and inflation 
M= Munich Putsch (Hitler's first failed attempt to seize power)


Lesson Development
1. Starter: Work with your shoulder partner. Write the letters ILRIM vertically down a blank page of your books well spaced. Rally Robin what you know already about these factors and fill in the spaces

2. Stand and Share
3. Still working with your shoulder partner - study the PPT and add to your lists
4. Promenade your face partner and discuss which letter in ILRIM best explains why 1919-23 was  a period of crisis
5. Stand and Share
6. Back with your shoulder partner - complete the Constitution exercise and and ILRIM cloze exercise and add to your lists
7. Plenary - all books and notes away, then Round table ILRIM. 

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