WALT: How were the big three problems in surgery overcome?

Wilfs: Can describe how pain surgery was before 1750 (C)
Can explain how the big three problems were overcome with e.g.s (A)


Starter: Pair Share

1. How did surgery progress from Prehistoric to Renaissance times?

2. Why is Pare important in the history of surgery?

2. Describe what an operating theatre was like before the 1840's


Watch the clip at the top of the page and take notes on the 3 big problems and their solutions


Mini Plenary: Promenade your partner and answer today's WALT


Now view this link and watch the second  film clip and take detailednotes on the specific problem of pain in surgery before the 1840's



Complete these exercises with your Study Budy on computer and print 


Now Investigate the film on Joseph Lister below


Study the PPT together then completye Antiseptic and Aseptic Cloze Exercises


Plenary - Find Someone Who

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