WALT: Who was the most significant to the history of medicine Pare or Harvey?

WILFs: Can describe and explain the contributions of Pare and Harvey (C)... Can assess the significance using the 4Rs.... Can make a supported judgement (A)


Lesson Development

Starter: Pair Up and Pair share

1) What did Harvey contribute?

2) What did Pare contribute?

3) Who was the more significant?


Activity 1: Watch the extract from 'Blood and Guts' - take notes on Pare's contribution

Then read and complete the 2 worksheets on Harvey and Pare


Mini Plenary - Promenade a new partner - whose contribution saved more lives?

Stand and Share


Now watch the clip on Harvey and take notes


Activity 2: With your Study Buddy Complete a Target Diagram on Versalius, Harvey and Pare and Print *2. The inner segments should show their discoveries and the outer segments should show their significance


Plenary: Complete the online plenary quizzes


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