WALT: How do feminists explain Inequality and what contribution do they make to our understanding of modern society?

WILFs: Can describe some key elements of feminism (D-C)..... Can explain how feminists explain inequality (C-B) Can evaluate feminisms contribution to our understanding of inequality and society (A)

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Microsoft Word document [13.2 KB]


Lesson Development


1. Starter: Synoptic starter then stand and share

Take notes from the teacher led presentation on Types of Feminism

2. Study the theories PPT, take notes to fill any gaps then complete your own Revision Diagram

3. Complete the short Cloze Exercise and print

4. Study the Feminist methods PPT with your teacher

5. Complete the worksheet

6. Mini Plenary: Quiz Quiz trade

6. Extension - create Revision files for;

a) Feminism and the Family

b) Feminism and Education using the format below

c) Feminism and Crime



Example Theorists and Studies

What they said











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