WALT: What was the impact of the French revolution on British society?

WILFs: Can identify key revolutionary ideas and phases (D)... Can describe and explain the ideas and arguments of Burke and Paine (C)... Can evaluate the ideas of Burke and Paine (B)... Can begin to analyse the impact of the French Revolution on British society and politics (B)


Lesson Development

1. Starter. Use the link button then, watch the films and use the sheet to record the ideas and phases of the French revolution

2. Stand and Share

3. Study the PPT together and take notes as it is explained

4. Plenary: Quiz Quiz Trade and Toby - question cards from Mr Walker


Lesson 2

Starter: Pair Up and Pair Share the following Questions: 


a) What was the French Revolution and what did it stand for?

b) Compare and contrast the ideas of Burke and Paine... which are more persuasive to you and why?

c) What impact did the French Revolution have on British society in the 1790's?

d) What is radicalism - give examples of radicalism in the 1790s and how successfully did Pitt deal with it?


1. Quiz Quiz Trade X3 - questions from Mr Walker

2. Individual work - read pages 46-49 of your books and answer these questions


a) How and why did popular radicalism spread in the 1790s?

b) What was the impact of the French Revolution on the Whig Party and the case for parliamentary reform?

c) How did radicalism develop between 1800-1812?

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