WALT: Does the Reform Act of 1832 deserve to be called 'Great'?

WILFs: Can identify (E) describe and explain (D) the main changes brought about by the Great Reform Act
Can compare and contrast arguments which suggest it was significant and arguments which suggest it was insignificant (C)
Can come to a judgement as to 'how great' was the Great Reform Bill which is supported by detailed knowledge of what was changed and by argument and discussion (A)


Lesson Development
 Starter: Quiz Quiz Trade
1. With your Revision Twin go for a promenade discussing today's WALT

2. Review the last 2 slides of last week's PPT
2. Now Find Someone Who to connect to earlier learning
4. Stand and Share

5. In your Study Buddy pairings- One student to listen to the radio broadcast and the other to complete the reading pages 108-120. Both to use a chart modelled on the one below to research notes


6. With a partner try the Interactive Exam Practice


Plenary: Promenade a new partner - How Great was the GRA?

Stand and Share

Why was reform needed?

What were the key events in the passage of the GRA?

What was the significance of the GRA?




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