WALT: What are the advantages and disadvantages of primary research methods?

WILFS: Can define key terms (D).... Can describe a variety of primary research methods listing their strengths and weakness (C)......Can assess, with support,  which methodology is best suited tio a range of research topics (A)

Lesson Development 


1. Starter:  Fo-Fo Research methods using your notes, textbooks and 1 library resource

2. Mini Plenary: Stand and Share lines of enquiry

3. Study the Methods PPT with your Study Buddy and take detailed notes

4. Mini Plenary: Pair Share

a) Which methods would be prefereed by positivists and why?

b) Which methods would be preferred by feminists and why?

c) Which methods would be preferred by interactionists and why?


5. Pair up and Rally Coach the Interactive Diagram

6. Plenary - Big Methods Quiz

Microsoft Power Point presentation [1.1 MB]
Fo Fo Starter
Microsoft Word document [36.0 KB]

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