WALT: How did surgery improve in the 19th and 20th centuries?

WILFs: Can describe, explain and date key breakthroughs in the fight against Pain, blood loss and infection across both centuries (C)... Can assess which century witnessed the most significant progress (A)


Lesson Development

Starter: Vision On - draw a picture to show how the problems of pain, infection and blood loss were overcome in the 19th century. No Words but you can include dates, then share, compare and interpret 4 other peoples diagrams


1. Warm up with QQ Trade

2. Now watch the clip and record some notes in the following table:

Progress in the 19th century

Progress in the 20th century



3. Pair up with a partner from a different table and share and compare your notes


4. With your Shoulder partner study the PPT and record the 7 most important developments in the 20th century


Plenary: Paraphrase passport today's WALT

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