WALT: What was it like to be a young person in Nazi Germany?

WILF: Can explain and describe the Nazification of schools (D-C) and assess its impact (B)...... Can compare and contrast the different experiences of boys and girls in the Hitler Youth (C).... understands the motives behind the Nazi focus on youth (D)..... can evaluate the success or otherwise of Nazi policy towards youth (A)

Lesson Development
1. Starter  -  With your partner - Rally Robin and make a list of what was it like to live in Nazi Germany thinking of good points and bad points then share
2. Watch the movie clip - what does it tell us about the Hitler Youth movement?
3. Pair up and Rally Coach the Worksheet and worksheet questions
4. With your shoulder partner Read and complete the questions within this PPT then complete this cloze

5. Mini Plenary: In your table group put all your notes to one side then  Jot thoughts using the post it notes. Cover the table with points you have learnt about the aims and organisation of the Hitler Youth
5. Your teacher will now go through the PPT on Education in Nazi Germany
6. In your revisiontwin Rally Coach the questions on the final slide
7. In a new pair rally coach the cloze activity on Schools then print a copy each
8. Plenary 1 - Try this quizz


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