WALT: How does gender impact on educational achievement and subject choice?

WILFs: Can cite evidence of differential achievement by gender (D).... Can compare and contrast different theeories of differential achievement of girls and boys (C-B)... Can evaluate theories (A)

Starter: Silent Reading - read page 2 of the fact sheet then highlight the 'facts' of gender and achievement in one colour and explanations of these facts in another. Create a mind map of explanations of differential achievement by gender - this should grow through the lesson!


Lesson Development


1. Teacher led PPT together - take notes where appropriate

2. Pair up and log on. Work through and print the interactive exercises after studying the summary PPT


3. Mini plenary - Quiz Quiz Trade


4. Complete a summary diagram in your pairs then work on your Mind maps using your textbooks and revision guides.


5. Plenary Games




Walk the Plank 


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