WALT: What is the State and how have the different theorists interpreted the State?

WILFs: Can define key words and concepts (E-D)..... Can describe and explain some theories of the State (D-C).... Can evaluate competing theories of the State and come to a supported conclusion about the nature of the State today (A)

Lesson Development


Starter: Connect the learning  In your table groups jot thoughts using 'post its' everything you have learnt so far about competing  'theories of power' aim to cover the table... When first instructed to rotate, check annotate and and theorists, on second rotation add supporting evidence and critical evidence
1. Read and take notes from the presentation on Theories of the State linked here. (flash file).

2. Now pair up with your study budy and carefully read this more detailed PPT and expand your notes

3. Class Activity :Find Someone Who
4. Mini Plenary: Pair Share the following questions:

a) what is postmodernism and how have postmodernists interpreted the modern state?
b) what is globalisation - how has globalisation changed the role of the modern state?
c) which theory of the state is best supported by empirical evidence? Explain your answer
5. Now use your text book to complete the Individual Reading (see below) - mind map your notes
4. Swap your mind maps with your study buddy, read, annotate, improve and return

6. Plenary:  Form circles of 6 and Paraphrase passport; 'What different theories of the state are there and what are their strengths and weaknesses?'

The State - Individual Reading

A)     Definitions

1.       How does Weber define the state?

2.       How does Andrew Heywood define the state? (put his 5 points in your own words)

3.       According to Weber when and why did the national state develop?

B)      Theories of the State

1.       In pluralism describe what is meant by the weather vane model, the neutral state model and the broker state model

2.       How did Karl Marx describe the role of the modern state?

3.       In Marxism what is the difference between Miliband's and Poulantzas views of the state?

4.       In Marxism what are the contradictory functions of the state referred to by Claus Offe?

5.       Explain why the New Right is critical of the role of the state?

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