WALT:How well do Weberians explain Inequality in modern society?

WILFs: Can describe key elements of Weberian theory (D)..... Can compare and contrast to other theories of Inequality (B).... Can evaluate Weberian theory drawing on examples and empirical evidence (A)


Lesson Development


1. Starter: Connect the learning - revise recent learning on Marxism and Functionalism using the Quiz Quiz Trade cards, then compete for cards in your table groups


2. Study the Weberiansim PPT (below) together and take notes

3. Pair up and complete this Cloze activity and print

4. Mini Plenary: Weberianism QQ Trade - cards from Mr Walker

5 Use pages 227 -230 of your textbooks to revise key examples of sociologists influenced by Weberians

6. In table groups complete the All Write Consensus activity on a past exam question. Swap scripts with someone from another table. Mark there work. Give them a WWW and an EBI when you give considerate feedback, then get your own feedback

6. Plenary - using the 'post its' in table groups cover the table with points you would use to answer the question: Which theory BEST explains social inequality, functionalism, Marxism or Weberianism? When instructed, switch tables read, annotate add

AllWrite Consensusinequality.doc
Microsoft Word document [32.5 KB]
Weberianism_and_Stratification (2).ppt
Microsoft Power Point presentation [196.0 KB]

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