WALT: How successful was Pitt's government 1783-93?

WILFS: Can explain the context of Pitt's coming to power (D).... can identify and explain successes and failures of Pitt's first 10 years (C/B)... can assess the success or otherwise of Pitt's first 10 years in a sustained and supported judgement (A)


Lesson Development:

1. Starter - rotate the room sharing one piece of information you can remember about Pitt's first 10 years. When the music stops that is your partner for the first activity

2. Activity One:

Partner A reviews the PPT

Partner B reads pages 12-17 in their new textbooks

Independently make a list of the successes and failures of Pitt's first 10 years

After 15 minutes research team back up with your partner and annotate your lists


3. Mini Plenary : Quiz Quiz trade X 2  - questions from Mr Walker


4. Activity 2: Find Someone who - textbooks allowed, detailed answers required

5. Plenary: Vision On: Answer today's WALT in a picture - no words or numbers allowed - interpret each others X3

6. Consolidation: Open up the Find someone Who document and type up detailed answers to all the questions


Lesson 2

Starter: Vision On

1. Quiz Quiz Trade then Toby

2. You are now going to prepare to write your first A Level Essay. Your title is this topic's WALT

Read the Essay Writing PPT for top tips



Your new textbook Ailsa Fortune pages 11-19

Britain 1783-1918 Murphy et al 28-32

+ 1 other library resource

Find Someone Who Questions
Microsoft Word document [37.5 KB]

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